Welcome to the Arctic Tundra! The Arctic Tundra is a cold place, compared to where we live now, with extremely cold temperatures in the winter, and mild temperatures during the short summer. It is located in the far north, just below the polar ice cap, with the North Pole in the center. Many animals live in the Arctic Tundra, and some of them are endangered. Even though there are freezing temperatures, there is little precipitation throughout the whole year. You can find Tundras in many places, and they cover 20% of Earth. Over 1700 types of plants grow in the tundra year-round, and 900 of them are flowers that bloom in the springtime. Despite the cold temperatures, an estimated 4 million people live in the Arctic Tundra. We hope that you will enjoy learning about the Arctic Tundra with us, and have fun!

Here are some pictures:
The Arctic tundra covers 10% of our earths land.


arctic.pngThis is a photo of snow in the Arctic Tundra.