The Wetland Definition Poem

The wetland
Wet and muddy
Along the road
Place for tadpoles to stay
Shaded by the tress
Every night and day


The Wetlands
We were in the wetlands. The ground cover was mud, dead leaves, and water. Shrubbery surrounded the puddles. The average height for the shrubs 320 cm. Tall trees were scattered creating large amounts of shade. Abiotic factors were water, mud, and dead leaves. Biotic factors were fish, trees, and tadpoles. The tadpoles would use their ecosystem to grow. Succession may have a hard time because the pond can expand. Biodiversity would be shrubs, trees, and fish. We are not a monoculture.




From analyzing the data I realized that any deep-water animal could live in this environment do to its high depth. The low depth affects the life in the water. Most fish go deep in the water to look for food and since its only ten inches deep you wont find any fish. Looking at the trees you will be able to find garden snakes and lots of other biotic cells. This environment is a bio diversity community. The habitat is warm and humid almost likely to be related to a rainforest

The Ground Cover Of The Wetlands (Leaves & twigs)
The view of the Wetland biome