Temperate Decidious Forest.

Our Biome is the Temperate Deciduous Forest. in the Temperate Decidious forest there are lots of animals. Some of the animals that are in this Biome is Erican Black Bear, Coyote, Duckbill Platypus, Eastern Chipmunk, European Red Squirrel, Fat Dormouse, Least Weasel, White-tailed Deer, American Toad, Eastern Chipmunk, Eastern Gray Squirrel, and Yellow-breasted chat. This biome has a lot of plants like Wildflowers and American Breeches. This biome has a lot of plants, because the trees’ leafs fall off and make good soil for planting and farming. For the climate of our biome, in January may drop to 10˚F. In the summer, it can get as hot as 81˚F. The average annual temperature ranges up to about 20˚ C down to freezing. Precipitation ranges from around 50 cm yr-1 in the colder regions to over 200 cm/yr. This is the Temperate Deciduous Forest.