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A Green Field

Right By the Side Walk

A Shady Place

It Makes You Feel Relaxed

It Shades You From The Sun

There were a lot of biotic factors. There were grass, trees, bugs, and leaves. There were abiotic factors. They were dirt, rocks, and dead leaves. These things are apart of the field’s ecosystem. All these things gave the ecosystem biodiversity. We dug up some dirt. Soon the ground will go through succession and the hole will be gone. In front of the tree there was only grass. The grass area was monoculture.


There were a lot of abiotic factors in our biome. There was dirt and dead leaves. One abiotic factor that affected our biome is dirt. If there were no dirt there wouldn’t be any trees in our biome because trees can’t live with out soil or dirt. Dead leaves help with the soil and helps keeps the soil (or dirt) rich and also helps the tree grow.
Some of the Biotic factors of our ecosystem were: Laves,Grass trees and insects. The Leaves have an impact on the bugs because they provide food. Also, the Sun provides Energy for the tree to help it grow. That is how the biotic factors in our environment make and impact.
Ground cover ( grass )
Science Area
Tree we worked around

Baby leaf buds
Inch worm

Description for tree: The tree was a medium sized tree with bright green leaves. It was planted on the side of street in front of the sun.