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Forest Ground Covering
Most Common Plant
Choice Picture of Litter found in The Forest
Interesting Thing We Saw in the Forest


Green and extended

It could be found in Boo Crofton nature trail

A lot of branches they are green and leafy

Creepy and some places watery

A lot of plants and lots of green

Some biotic things in the forest were the many trees and shrubs. Some of the height of shrubs was, 10 ft. tall and 7 ft. tall. Some of the trees diameters are, 82 cm, 50 cm, 110 cm, 53 cm, 93 cm, and 60 cm. There were shady and sunny areas in the forest. Where the trees were very dense, there was a lot of shade. And where there were only short trees and shrubs the sun was very bright. The air was much cooler once you walked into the forest. I could hear the biotic things as the birds. And I could see biotic homes also, as the bird and squirrel nests. Some abiotic things I saw were big rocks, gravel and some water. The succession in the forest is the bark ripped off the tree from the machine that made the trail through the forest. Some biodiversity is poison ivy and some other things. There are no monocultures. The ecosystems are all over the place, and there are no sections. A lot of biotic things live in the forest.


We made many examinations of the environment. The sunlight helps the plants because they need sunlight to grow and survive. The trees help because they give us air and we need air to survive. The dirt helps because the plants need soil to grow and if we did not have soil then we wouldn't have many plants, and we need plants to survive. Many things in forest help each other to survive and live their life.