The edge

Grassy, on the border

In between the grassy lands and the forest

Ht there were plants then others and has mushrooms

the bugs really annoyed me

Because there were a lot of flies

The edge was grassy and muddy and had some decomposers like mushrooms. There were groups of different plants. there was barely any sun shining. The ground was really moist. There was bugs everywhere . also a plant was there called jack-in-the-pulpit

There were flies bugs birds squirrels bees plants and many more biotic features
The abiotic parts are soil rain/water sticks stones and many more


Our ecosystem was called the edge. We saw biotic things like flies bees and mosquitoes. We saw abiotic things like rocks dirt and more. There was some succession like the tree we saw growing back. we saw a biodiversity of birds in a tree. On our way to or area we past some monoculture.