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Welcome to the Desert! At the end of this paragraph you will know everything you need to know and more about the desert. We’ll start of with the climate. Did you know that the desert get less than 10 inches of rain per year? Well we do, and most of it is just from humidity. Other than humidity, it can get very hot. In the summer, it can get up to 113˚F. In the winter it can go down to 45˚F. At night it can go below freezing. Deserts cover up more than ⅕ of the earths surface. Different animals live in different parts of the desert. Many animals are nocturnal so they wont be hot hunting or anything during the day. Some animals have bodies so that they can conserve water. I hope you learned a lot about the Desert!

Do they have rain?
Less than 10 inches of rain per year.
Do they have stores and live in a desert?
Do horses live in the desert?
What lives in the desert?
What is it like there?
How does everything survive?
What is the average population in the desert?
What is the average temperature?

It can get up to 113 degrees ºF (in the summer)
The average temperature in the Winter is 45˚F
At night the temperature can get below freezing
Weather is not the same in all deserts.

Deserts cover more than a fifth of earths surface
The biggest desert is the Sahara desert
Different animals live in different type of deserts.
There is little rain!

Many desert animals are nocturnal.
Animals such as the African gerbil have bodies that can conserve water.
Saharan get water from the food that they find.
the Greater Roadrunner will eat insects, lizards, spiders, snakes, fruits, seeds and sometimes rodents.
Many desert animals are nocturnal.

There are Mesquite trees. They send their roots 267 feet.
There are also multiple types of cactus.
The Mojave Aster is a daisy type of plant that lives in the desert.
Cacti is the best known plant that lives in the desert.
The Pancake Prickly Pear Cactus is used as a plant and crop source.
Some cacti grow a layer of hair to help store water.

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