Wetlands Photos

Top Left: Our site in the Wetlands; Top Right: The most common plant in the Wetlands; Bottom Left: The ground cover; Bottom Right: A group of tadpoles

The reason we chose the picture of the tadpoles (Bottom Right) for our choice picture is because, it is very odd to see tadpoles. They were really small and none of us have seen tadpoles before. Seeing them also helps us infer that there is most likely a frog nearby. Our group thought it was cool to see other life forms not just bugs or birds. That is why we chose the picture.


Graph of tree circumference

Graph of shrub height

Dark, bushy, and very wet
In the lower lands and near the marshes
Shady and thick undergrowth
Scary and depressing
The gloom and dark water swooshed around

Wetlands Information
The Wetlands is a very wet place. There are many trees therefore there is not much sunlight in the wetlands. Surrounding the wetlands is moss, thin leaved grasses, wide leaved weeds, and fallen leaves. In side the wetlands are dark murky water with tons of mud, leaves, and sticks and you cannot see the bottom. There are also many biotic animals in the wetlands including tadpoles, frogs, and bugs. A lot of trees, bushes, shrubs, and small plants cover the grounds of the wetlands. The abiotic features of the wetlands include rocks leafs that are on the ground and branches that are on the ground. The wetlands are a place were a small ecosystem lives of frogs, tadpoles, bugs, and plants. The succession of the area is the animals. The tadpoles and other fish can be found in the pond different times of the year, but not constantly.The shrubs change colors and lose their twigs and also get buds.There is a large biodiversity of the area, the types of plants. The animals not so much though, as there is only about 3 types, like tadpoles. Finally, the monoculture of the area is small, as there are many different types of plants.

The Analysis
The shrubs there, really depend on the light. They get lots of shade though, which is interesting. So, I infer that the shrubs may actually be use to the smaller amount of sunlight. Also, the little fish in the pond are used to the murky water and are adjusted to the darkness. Also, they are used to the plants there. Finally, the undergrowth may not be alive, but it gets crisp in the sun, but because of the shade it is usually wet.