food_chain.pngBoverview4P2.gifIntroduction- Welcome to the Temperate grassland!
Temperatures in this biome vary greatly between the seasons, mostly summer and winter. The summers are very hot and cause fires, while the winters are very cold. Sometimes the temperature is more than 100°F! Rain in the temperate grasslands usually occurs in the late spring and early summer, and when it rains it pours. The yearly average is about 20 - 35 inches, but much of this falls as snow in the winter.
They are located in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, where there are flat surface. The temper Temperate grassland covers 25% of the earth and is located in the middle of continents, where there is to little rain fall for a forest, but too much for a desert.
In North America its called Prairie, in south Africa the veld, in Europe and Europe's, steppe.
Temperate grassland biome includes prairies, pampas, and steppes. There are of course, large amount of grasses in the temperate grasslands. Trees and large shrubs are hardly found in grassland areas. Many different types of grasses that live in this biome, including… purple needle grass, wild oats, foxtail, ryegrass, and buffalo grass. Temperate grassland is a kind of place with fresh air and a lot of grass.
By Thomas, Hannah, and Jessie
Picture of Temperate Grassland