Welcome to The Temperate Deciduous Forest!You are probably feeling a lot of raindrops right now as you enter the Temperate Deciduous Forest (TDF), because besides the rain forest, we have the most rain fall per year. Look up into the sky and below your feet. Event though you might not see them, there are many levels of this forest. Look around you and you could see a bear, a herd of deer, some chipmunks, opossums, and many more different animals that you can learn about as you scroll down our page. Since we have 4 seasons, many types of animals have lived and adapted to this kind of environment. Unlike the desert and Taiga forests, deciduous trees shed their leaves in the fall and winter. This special type of biome can be found ALL OVER THE WORLD! Take a walk around the forest and you will probably come upon a lot of oak trees. They are one of the most common trees in this forest. Hopefully you have packed some cool and warm clothes because it can get to as cold as 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and in the summer can reach temperatures of 85 degrees.Enjoy your stay at the WONDERFUL Temperate Deciduous Forest!
This is a picture of the TDF in the fall time as you can see, the trees change color in the fall
The TDFs are the light green spots

This is a picture of a wolf and by looking at the gruond at the trees you can tell that it is in the winter.

This is our food chain.

This is our food web.