The home for small bugs
So clear and free
Warm and cozy
The sun beats down with its hot rays

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Ground Cover

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Interesting Pictures:

Two Interesting Holes


Our choice of the extra picture was an ant and two holes on the tree. We chose it because there were so much of the ants! We also thought that they were the most common animals. The other was two holes on the tree. We thought that was interesting because there were many theories on how it got there, and our most likely guess was that termites had a snack. Those were our pictures of interesting stuff.


One important biotic factor in the grassy field is the one maple tree in our site. It is 92 cm wide in circumference and serves as many different things. It is a home for ants and other bugs, as well as serving as a shelter for other animals. The leaves on the trees provide food for different insects and when they fall, the leaves decompose, making the soil richer. The maple tree in our site provides food, shelter, and better soil.

A very vital abiotic factor to our site is the soil. Without soil, the grass, trees, and wild flowers wouldn’t be able to grow. If these plants where unable to grow, animals couldn’t live in the grassland because there would be nothing for them to eat. Grassland soil is dark brown and dry. If you push it down with your finger it compacts and it is very crumbly. In the soil, we found little parts of roots and parts of leaves.


Our job as a team was to observe an area, the grassy field. We were able to find many varieties of insects, animals, and plants. There were trees around the field, and we picked one specific tree to observe. There were mostly grass or weed on the ground, softening and cushioning the place. Also, ripped dried leaves and broken branched were easy to find. Many insects like termites, ants, leaf bugs, and spiders were or on the tree. Not only that, but there were many animals like, squirrels and birds on the tree. Habitats were also very easy to find. There were holes on the trees, where ants and bugs were entering and existing.

Sentences Using the Vocab Word

We were able to see how both biotic and abiotic factors could help each other in the environment. For example, biotic things like sun, water, oxygen, and soil provided great nutrition for the biotic factors like, insects, animals, and plants.

The place that we observed was an eco-system, because there were both biotic and abiotic factors in the area.
I saw mostly grass and weed on the ground in the grassy field. It was a succession.

We say many biodiversities in the grassy fields like ants, birds, squirrels, and termites.

Grassy field is a monoculture because there is only grass.