\Welcome to the desert! In the desert you will find different types of abiotic and biotic factors. Some of the abiotic factors are sand, temperature, sunlight, rocks, and moonlight. Some of the animals are camels, roadrunners, coyotes, snakes, and scorpions. To see these animals, you will have to stay out at night because in the desert since the temperature is so high, the animals stay in their dens until it’s cool... night. The temperatures can range from 130 degrees Fahrenheit to below freezing at night. In the desert it is so hot because the air is thin so it can heat up very easily. You better wear some shorts, sunscreens, and a tank top! Some plants you might see in the desert are barrel cactus, pipe cactus, popcorn flower, Mormon tea, and a fairy duster. Normal plants need water, soil, and sunlight and the desert doesn’t have that, the plants survive by special adaptations they are born with. After hearing about the desert, would you want to visit it????????
This is a picture of the sand.
external image sahara-desert.jpg