Welcome to the Arctic Tundra, the coldest biome on Earth! The Arctic Tundra is an amazing place. Animals and plants have adapted to their environment. Even though the soil is frozen, plants can still thrive. Parts of the Tundra are located in Asia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and Norway. The natural resources in the Tundra are oil and fresh water. The Tundra is very cold and also dry. The Arctic Tundra gets about 10 inches of rain a year. The Tundra makes up ⅕ of the Earth’s surface. The Tundra has many species of animals. Some species are Polar bears, Arctic foxes, Caribou, Woolly rhinoceros's’ and Reindeer. Temperatures can get as low as -50 degrees F. I hope you have a fun time looking at our project!
This is the Arctic Tundra in the winter
This is the map of the Arctic Tundra
This is the Arctic Tundra in the spring
This is a food web of the Arctic Tundra.
this is a food chain of the Arctic Tundra.